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Friday, March 15, 2013
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Bass player Jason Newsted has been off the grid from the music world since his work with Voivod ended after 2009’s “Infini.” Other than contributing to the supergroup WhoCares and an appearance during one of Metallica’s 30th anniversary shows, the man seemed to be missing from the scene (or even the world).

But now he is back with a recording of his own containing 4 songs. to answer your question, yes it does sound like (earlier) Metallica. But it goes a bit further than that, as it also has some hints of Motorhead (vocal wise) and Testament (song wise) in there. Unfortunately this is just an EP and to short for someone who has been away for so long.

The 4 songs are awesome, but they are rather to different from each other. Is it on purpose or is it a marketing trick i don't know. All i have to say is that i hope there is going to be a full album out soon because i want more.