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Tuesday, March 26, 2013
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Night Bitch is the Connecticut based occult heavy metal band featuring Hour of 13 guitarist Ryan Adams and Hour of 13 live session members Phil Swanson, Chris Taylor (drums) and Mark Eles (bass). In 2010 they already released a 5-track EP Sex & Magik and now they’re back with a three track EP.

Despite a line-up change that saw vocalist Taylor replace Phil Swanson (Seamount, Hour of 13) at the mike, Chainmaker is really just more of the same from Hour of 13-guitarist Ryan Adams power metal band Nightbitch, which is to say that it's a collection of adequate, but not stellar, heavy metal tunes that play like they were recorded nearly twenty years ago. Speaking of Taylor, his vocals are a highlight here. Possibly the most pleasing aspect to Nightbitch is that they are not playing heavy metal that copies what Rhapsody, Hammerfall or Blind Guardian and their disciples are copying. The music is occult heavy rock with a dark, doomy edge to it. It reminds me a little about early Danzig or eighties Priest; The band's three track EP,2 originals and a fierce Deep Purple cover “Into the fire”, has a raw intensity and heavy handed hooks that give off a metal backlash, complete with crunchy riffs, pummeling bass, and thunderous drums, making Nightbitch a band that one day down the road may matter to a lot of people outside of their immediate surroundings.