Album Title: 
Bohemian Kingdom
Release Date: 
Thursday, May 9, 2013
Review Type: 

This is the second album for Brazilian’s Alec Mendonça’s band – or is it just a project N.O.W..  The line-up has completely changed when compared to the previous album, except Alec of course.

So much new releases are coming out these days, which on one hand is not easy to understand, since music business is having a difficult time it seems, with album sales plummeting, and concerts – except for the major bands, and even then this only counts for a few of them not being sold out.  On the other hand people are massively downloading tunes.  But for real music lovers like me, nothing beats holding the CD in your hand, reading thought the booklet etc.  And it’s of course a fact that with all new available technology, it’s much easier to record an album.  So why isn’t CD prices going down? Enough criticized on the music industry.  Let’s go back to this album.  It’s a very good, melodic rock album, and it must be said N.O.W. sound a lot like vintage ForeignerLou Gramm period.  New shouter Philip Bardowell (ex Unruly Child, ex Beach Boys, ex…) delivers a striking performance here.

This is an album that could easily go by unnoticed. Yet if you like melodic rock, you ought to give this a try.