Onward - Reawaken

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Friday, April 25, 2014
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US power metal firmly  rooted in the  2nd  half  of the  eighties one would think,   but a closer look tells me that  both the  “ Evermoving” and  “ Reawaken”  where actually released  in 2001 and 2002 through Century Media,  now in 2014 , Pure Steel Records, has decided to  release  a very limited vinyl version of these records, limited to just 250 each.  Both releases   let us hear a band  which knew how to write a decent song and no doubt where fans of  such bands  as  Sanctuary, Nevermore, Helstar…  but at the same time lacked the catchiness that the  aforementioned bands  did manage to built into a song.  Underground  fans  might also  recognize the name of vocalist, Michael Grant (RIP ) who years later would pop up in the  US power prog band  Creshent Shield.   Vinyl fiends with a fanatic attraction to US power metal, should try to get a copy of these nice double gatefold versions.