Patrick Lehman

Album Title: 
Electric Soul Kitchen Vol. 2
Release Date: 
Friday, May 3, 2013
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Thanks to the vinyl collection of his family, Canadian singer-songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist/ producer Patrick Lehman developed a great love for classic Soul, Gospel,  Rhythm 'n' Blues, Rock 'n' Roll, and Blues. Some of his many musical influences including Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Fleetwood Mac, Lauryn Hill, Sly And The Family Stone, The Rolling Stones, and Bill Withers.

At age 16, Patrtick was already featured as guest singer on the first album of Hip Hop artist Karma Atchykah. He gained valuable experience while training in classical voice at Vanier College, doin' performances in a Rock band as well as with several Hip Hop and R1B outfits. It was while he was still in college that Patrick decided to form his own band, to perform the songs that he'd been writing since he was a teenager. Once in University, he was asked to perform at the Big Event (a Paul Simon tribute concert) of 2006's Montreal International Jazz Festival, sharing the stage with the likes of Elvis Costello, Daniel Lanois, Sam Roberts, Colin James, Bedouin Soundclash and Holly Cole. One of the festival's most successful outdoor concerts, the show attended by some 150,000 people, and later broadcast on Bravo, ArTV and CBC television.

A first album was released in 2008 under the title Pat Lehman Band, got notable radio play both in Canada, the US and France, and necessitated Patrick to tour his music during Summer months. A tour which included performances at International FestiBlues, Tremblant Rhythm Festival, FunkFest, and CTV Television's Telethon Of The Stars. Having signed with Justin Time Records in 2010, Patrick went into Studio Victor (one of only 4 original RCA Victor studios, and many artists including Frank Sinatra all recorded in Studio A) in Montreal to record his second album The Electric Soul Kitchen Volume 1, under production by himself. The album's first single “Prove Myself To You” (which was co-produced by Bill Swazlowski, known from collaborations with April Wine and Marjo to name but a few) got major airplay on Canadian national college radio and CBC Radio2, and within two weeks it shot into the Top 10 of the Urvan/ Soul chart in Chart Attack magazine and several college radio stations. Patrick went on to win first place Rising Star awrad at the International FestiBlues, performed at CMW, and was asked to produce music for fashio designer Elizabeth Kosich's New York City Fashion Week 2012 runway show.

He eventually withdrew again to Studio Victor to record his 3rd album, which we now have under our attention. First single “Stop Pretending” (a very Soul/ Gospel-influenced track) has had regular rotation on many college stations across Canada as well as Galaxie Music's Soul/ R&B and Indie channels. Second single “Come Together” (with a nice guitar underneath) has been a featured track in rotation on Quebec's leading Rock station CHOM 97.7FM. Another track with such nice guitar play, is the somewhat Funky “Perfect Fit”, and so is the ensuing “”Woman For Me” but for the most part the album's songs are of a different caliber. The album is ended with a remix of the album's 4th song “Oh I”, with the organic keyboard piano switched into synth sounds. Funnily diverse album, and highly appreciable if you're into '60s Soul/ Gospel music and R&B/ early Rock 'n' Roll with some contemporary guitar in it! Check out several songs and some studio footage (from both ESK albums) in the “video” section at (www.) Links to the album's pages on iTunes and Amazon (there should be further 30-second samples of all the 12 songs there), as well as the man's facebook, can be found on the website's homepage too.