A Perfect Day

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A Perfect Day
Release Date: 
Friday, November 23, 2012
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A Perfect Day is a new Italian hard rock band and if you are a sucker for melodic hard rock music I am pretty sure you will or already have added their self-titled debut album to your collection...

The band members are no new kids on the block. Andrea Cantarelli (guitarist) co-founding member from Labyrinth started this new band/concept from scratch and easily convinced his mate Roberto Trianti (vocals/bass) to join and with Alessandro Bissa (Drums) they completed the lineup. 

APD combines melody with heavy guitar riffs...and they do that "perfectly".10 tracks that will haunt you for days/weeks. Each time I listened to this album before I wrote this review I discovered new things. Although the intro of the the opening track "A Perfect Day" really sucks do not skip to the next track...just hit fast forward for about a minute...then release the ff-button ...sit back and enjoy the majestic melodies and heavy riffs throughout the album. "On Long road to Ruin" you can catch your breath again as APD slows down the pace.  "Alone and Free (rockblind)", "Silent Cry"&"Under the same sun" are just a few of my favorites:  pounding riffs, great vocals and nice melody are the keywords to describe APD. When I come to think about it there simply are no bad songs on this album. "Warm embrace" is another haunting beauty and the guitar solo really reminds me of "Lonely" of Crimson Glory. The last track of the album "We only say goodbye" has a surprising intro but do not skip this intro nor hit fast forward...no not this time...

My discovery of 2012

My score 92/100

My advice for APD...do not waste too much time for a second album.



Another perfect day

Now and forever

Long road to ruin

Alone and Free (rockblind)

Silent Cry

Under the same sun

Here we are again

Waiting on the edge

Warm embrace

We only say goodbye