Pink Cream 69

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Friday, January 25, 2013
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Fans had to wait for six years, before Pink Cream 69 finally releases a brand new studio album, but I will immediately unveil the secret, it’s been worth the wait.  With Dennis Ward Being very active as a producer, and on top of that being lead vocalist for Khymera it’s no wonder it took them that long.

But as I said before, this is a very good album.  The opening track starts of with some oriental sounds, and has a heavy riff, but you shouldn’t judge the album by just one song.  Already the second song goes in a different, more into hard rock and even AOR then heavy metal.

There’s a fair mix of mid tempo rockers on the album, along with some heavier tunes.  Musicianship, as could be expected by a band that exists for over 25 years is fantastic, with some sizzling guitar work, and some very catchy tunes. To sum it up: it’s been worth the wait.