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Friday, February 8, 2013
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Starting out somewhere on 2009, they had the intention of delivering the best heavy metal they could. And so Screamer grew into one of the hardest touring demo bands in Sweden (or so they say). However, they did release a demo after only 2 months and a truck loads of shows following after that release.

In total they performed well over a 100 shows in Sweden or the rest of Europe in witch they had their first headline tour last year. And their debut album should have gotten nominated for album of the year according to critics.

Well i haven't heard their first album, but i couldn't even listen to the first song. Although it started out promising, it went into typical. And from there to predictable. Now they know how to play, you can clearly hear that, but their music (or at least on this record). But yeah, this one failed at keeping my attention. Later on i tried to listen to a few more songs, but only with the same result.