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Friday, November 9, 2012
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Seamount were formed about five years ago as a co-operative in between Germany and the U.S.aaj. In their short history, this band did perform on more than just a couple of great events, and they did release several albums, as from 2009 on their current label, The Church Within Records.

Earthmother is Seamount’s fourth full length studio record, lasting for fifty five minutes and the first conceptual album as well. This concept has to do with some comparison in between religious belief and believing in true love, based on a vision by a friend of singer Phil Swanson (known from e.g. Hour Of 13). Somewhat a double-bind approach, and I think it could have been done rather ingeniously.

Musically, Seamount goes on where they left off with Sacrifice (2010). It means that the Doom elements from the early years have now almost completely gone, in favour of a Dark / Death Rock-alike approach. The main tempo still is slow, but the doomy tradition made place for catchier, poppier Rock riffs. It’s modern and primal at once, which I think is a good element, but unfortunately most of the time this album almost bores the shit out of me and probably you too, dear Concreteweb-reader. The riffs are much too easy, and when the band tries to explore heavier corners of the Heavy Rock universe, it sounds like an infantile version of whatever.

The final track, Witchfynder General’s Music, is, by the way, an insult for the original.