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Friday, June 14, 2013
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Wow, and I taught I heard everything? Now wait till you hear Skinflint of Africa. This 3 piece heavy metal comes band out Botswana. Not a big country know as metalminded. After releasing two full albums ‘Massive Destruction’, ‘IKLWA’. After two years of silence the band is back with their third album. ‘Dipoko’ contains nine songs that are pretty good.

And so it’s about time to get to what matters, the music, which despite the raw production is actually very good. “Dipoko” opens with the title track, and opening reminiscent of the Paul Dianno era of IRON MAIDEN, and that’s the style the follows the album as a whole, the band have crafted an album which follows the classic formula of NWOBHM, it’s more melodic than purely heavy with slower interludes, the bass dominates heavily on the record, frontman

Giuseppe "Juice" Sbrana  many times sounds like a harsher voiced Bruce Dickinson. The band is actually a trio which is in itself unusual in today’s landscape of Heavy Metal. “Dreams of Eternity” is another number impressed me, it certainly continues the MAIDENesque theme but with a more balladry feel. The album is certainly unusual when put in the confines of modern day Heavy Metal as it sounds straight from the early 80’s and tends to be far slower than today’s Power / Speed Metal influenced bands, yet that’s actually a good thing, it makes the album stand out more from the masses.

It’s good, not great, but good, it does have great potential.