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Friday, January 25, 2013
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The band’s name attracted my curiosity, since back in 1993 there was a band with the same name that released a reasonably good album ‘Smoke And Mirrors’.  But when I put the CD on, I was brought back to reality, this Snakecharmer sounded totally different from the 90ies Snake Charmer

This group has far better known band members, with Micky Moody (ex Whitesnake) on guitars and Neil Murray (also ex Whitesnake) on bass.  The line-up is completed by Chris Ousey (Heartland) on vocals, Laurie Wisefield (Wishbone Ash)  on guitars and vocals, Harry James (Thunder) on drums and finally Adam Wakeman (Ozzy) on keyboards.

With such a line-up, it’s no wonder that this has become a fantastic album.  Forget Whitesnake.  This sounds far more original. This is a magnificent hard rock album that has been marinating in blues.  This sounds like Whitesnake used to sound.

I highly recommend this album to anyone who loves blues infused hard rock, eighties style.