Stone Magnum

Album Title: 
Stone Magnum
Release Date: 
Friday, December 7, 2012
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Out of Chicago rolls on Stone Magnum and executes this slab of dark yet melodic doom metal of the finest order. I can hear traces of Trouble, C.O.C., Candlemass, St Vitus and ofcourse, the mighty Dio-era Sabbath, especially in the Iommi-ish riffwork. Guitarists Dean Tavernier  and Jim Brucks alternate from slow and heavy riffage to wah-wah explosive laden solos which always seem to fit in nicely with the feel of the tracks When Nick Hernandez enters the story, I swear I am listening to Ozzy, Scott Reagers (St. Vitus) and Tim Baker (Cirith Ungol) at the same time. He sounds similar, yet has his own distinct wail. Track one entitled “Fallen priest” starts this epic triage with a slow Trouble/ Sabbath crunching riff. “Locksmith of misery” has some addictive and hypnotic melodies to it Tracks like “Pictures of your life” and “Rolling storm” are all mind-numbing examples of up-tempo prime doom/stoner rock at its best. Though this is not a revolution release but in the style classic doom this is more than well done. A band that you should follow if you like this kind of music.