Album Title: 
Follow Your Dream
Release Date: 
Monday, November 5, 2012
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This international Symphonic/ Epic Metal project was originated in 2011 by Ukranian songwriter/ keyboardist Oleg Biblyi and American singer Darren Crisp (an idealist based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, whom started his own recording studio in 1999, order to help out artists whom the world would all too easily oversee, with audio/ visual means). The duo was soon joined by guitarist Gustavo Bonfá (also active in the band Sangrena) and bassist Ederson Prado (known formerly from Phorax and Allienatyon, he is currently also active with the band Burning In Hell, and is the live bassist for Tiago Della Vega. This set-up (with guest aid from one Megan Lewis on female backing vocals, and of Brandon Vinson on the drums) released its first video for the track “Follow your Dream” in July of 2011. The music, by the way, was recorded by each member individually, and then put together in Crisp's Arkansas studio. The same principle would be used for further songs.

In memory of Ronnie James Dio, the same line-up (reinforced with the presence of drummer Vinny Appice, whom played with Dio, Black Sabbath, and Heaven & Hell, among a list of others, you know!) released a video with its version of Black Sabbath's “Children Of The Sea” in October. Before the end of the year, Dutch drummer Tim Zuidberg and Brazilian singer Juliana Furlani had joined the project, and in early 2012 the last two joinees came to the fold in the form of American rhythm guitarist Kevin Ellerby and Turkish flutist Ugur Kerem Cemiloglu (my excuses for not applying the correct accents here!). The first outing of this octet came in February 2012 with a video clip for the track “Believe”, followed in June by a new video for “Eyes Of the World”. The album, eventually, was unleashed upon the world in early November of last.

As mentioned in the opening of this review's first paragraph, the music is both Symphonic, Epic, and Metal. It is also quite “filled”, almost to the point of a pleasant bombastic feel! Crisp has that slightly forced type of vocals which was also typical for Dio, but he's in a slightly different range, and he's also capable apparently to occasionally bring out a very clean high(est) note! You can find the above mentioned videos (as well a one for the cover of Rainbow's “Gates Of Babylon” - which is nót on the album) in the video section of the band's own website (www.) (also there to be found, some info of Crisp Recordings International, in case you're interested), and a little more audio can be found at (www.) The band also has a facebook page, but that actually has less audio to enjoy!