Tombstone Highway

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013
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Tombstone Highway’s  latest is worth checking out, but not really a life and death purchase. Not now, but who knows what the future hold? The record is an assorted musical melding pot with ample amounts of hard-, southern- and 70’s rock and chugging metal all rolled into one.

“Hellfire rodeo”, “Bite the dust”  and “Acid overlord” are nice chuggers with mercilessly catchy main riffs, while “Ruralizer” displays H.M Outlaw’s ability to actually make a banjo solo swing. Reminiscent of a more southern rock-oriented Black Label Society meets Five Horse Johnson meets Point Blank, the two-piece of Piacenza deliver their blood boiling rock soaked in whiskey to the fullest extent... Though this is not a revolution release but in the style southern rock metal this is more than well done. A band that you should follow if you like this kind of music.