Album Title: 
Tabula Rasa
Release Date: 
Monday, April 1, 2013
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Unsolved is the outcome of the collaboration of a few Swedish people With a very poorly informative website. So they themselves describe their music as a therapeutic creative outlets, powerful and fragile. Their music is written collectively and everyone´s opinion is considered,

So yes reading those few sentences made me a bit doubtful about these guys, but they actually amazed me. Their genre can best be compared to bands like "Faktion" or "30 Seconds To Mars".so the genre sounds a bit older but it sounds modern and fresh. And it actually surpassed me the whole time i was listening to the record. First genre wise, then with their sound and then with their music skills. Considering the genre i wasn't expecting those kind of solo's that these guys release. A Must hear, end of discussion.