V8 Wankers

Album Title: 
Got Beer?
Release Date: 
Monday, April 29, 2013
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Got Beer? This is the standard question at a festival like Munich’s Oktoberfest. After all what would a tour of the beer tent be like without that quaffable barly pop? And what would it be like without music. Some may call for a brass band or German pop music, but what if you happen tob e into rock ’n roll, dirty jokes and noisy guitar riffs? In that case, V8 Wankers are your best bet! Their latest album Got beer? is pure- bred rock ’n roll, complete with a snotty punk attitude and a brilliant sense of humor. The wankers are all about classic male topics, such as music, cars, women and ooooo yeah… beer.

This album features those raw trademarks that their fans can expect from them. The record counts 16 tight songs. Each of the formats will feature 15 numbers, another song having been saved as a bonus track.

Cool album for some drunk night with friend.