Album Title: 
His Blood Is Yours
Release Date: 
Friday, June 15, 2012
Review Type: 

Warnot is a project by former Cloudscape guitarist Björn Eliassion.  He left Cloudscape in 2009, and started working on his own musical project, which ended as this album under the name Warnot.

He not only wrote the material for this album, but also did some of the vocals himself.  Besides mister Eliasion ther are no fewer than 6 other guest vocalists, among them Mike Andersson (Cloudscape, Full Force, Star One), Thomas Bursell (Second Heat).

The style of music can best be described as progressive metal, at times with a dark, doomish tinge to it. As a matter of fact some of the songs and arrangements reminded me a lot of early Dream Theater, which if you read between the lines, might hint at this being a rather good album. Despite the occasional growls and grunts, which I don’t really like as you might well know, I found this a quite pleasant album to listen to.  I admit you have to give it a few spins, but after each spin it shows more potential.