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Monday, May 13, 2013
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I guess the easiest way to describe this band is to tag them with the sludge metal label. Their thick rhythms, distorted riffs, fat grooves, and heavy as shit drumming is a trademark of the genre, so I guess that's what they are. It's very hard not to be drawn onto bands like Lento, Amebix, Melvins, Godflesh, Switchblade and more when listening to this. From the opener of “Trakthor” through “Melicow” and “Moongitruce” the band seems to create an honest and raw take on. While this is not a stoner effort, it can be a bit groovy at times with a more brutal and more experimental edge than your average stonerband.

Zolle is a good CD, although not a CD I would put on daily, but something I might crank to release some frustration every once in a while. There are definitely lesser acts out there so Zolle may indeed find a small and deserved audience with their brand of instrume(n)tal sludge.