At the feet of the Alpes, covered in snow and veiled by icy winds… A Beautiful area, unspoiled nature, nice food, splendid wines (though…) and Walküre… Welcome to Saint-Etienne…


Aaargh, this has been such a long time… Finally, after a hiatus of more than seven, almost eight years, Suomi-based horde Cavus finally returns with their second full length album, after the untitled EP from 2009 and their full-length debut Fester And Putrefy in Autumn 2010 (Listenable Records) – which was, by the way, followed by a European tour with no one else but the sweeties of Gorgoroth.

O Saala Sakraal

A short while ago, Dutch act Hadewych started a series of live performances, with an extended set of drummers and percussionists, in order to create something overwhelming and majestic. For a part, these gigs were exercised before, yet there was quite some improvisation involved as well.


A very productive outfit from Hungary is Nagaarum, a solo-project by In Vacuo / GuilThee’s Gábor Tóth. In less than a decade, Nagaarum released fifteen full lengths and some splits (with the likes of Astru or Dreams After Death).

Blot & Bod

Hailing initially from the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, Blot & Bod are a trio that are part of the Korpsånd community, heavily supported by the label Fallow Field (and including loud-sound armies like Gabestok, Ærekær, Hollow Hand, War Is Aer, Afkald and many more sweet Danish combos…).


My ‘roots’ within the Extreme Metal scene go back to half of last century’s Eighties. It was an era with many promising things coming up. Around that time (late Eighties / very early Nineties), there were quite some labels that tried to support and promote the scene, but in the meantime, there are not that much that still wander around.


Later this year – we’ve entered 2019 in the meantime – Zombiefication will celebrate their twentieth anniversary. Congrats, dear Mexican sweeties! I have been something like a ‘fan’ (damn, what an imbecile description, ‘being a fan’) since I first heard something from them – it must have been in 2012 or 2013, listening to their five-tracker Reaper’s Consecration.


I admit that I had not heard of the Russian band MØR before. Investigation taught me that this band did record a handful of albums before, yet I think their brand awareness was locally focused especially. Their latest release, however, gets distribution support by Symbol Of Domination Productions (Satanath Records), so it might result in more international opportunities.


This might be good news for those who lost their lust of life after the passing-away of Italy’s finest Nocratai, for the band might have reformed recently! All together: hurray! Yet beware: I am not sure, to be honest, whether the members did join forces once again, for the stuff on this new album is not exactly newly written material. And the fact that there was a compilation being released in 2017 (consisting of two older demos), does not necessarily suggest a reformation.


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