Ugasanie & Xerxes The Dark

Cryo Chamber have never been afraid to release collaboration – I am not talking about split releases, yet about recordings based on a co-operation of different artists. Label owner Simon, for example, has several collabs with his (sublime) project Atrium Carceri, but the same goes for quite a lot projects that are closely related to this label (Alphaxone, Cities Last Broadcast, ProtoU, Council Of Nine, God Body Disconnect and so on).

Moloch Conspiracy

While the companion’s dread was reflected in the stones a way opened. The streaming water formed an ocean that crystallized the light from the incantations and spells of our guide. They discovered the cult that was upsetting the place and that was abandoning itself in despicable rituals from the depths of time.” That is exactly what this album deals with, like an introduction of an illustrious journey through ancient Mesopotamian mysteries, myths and occult rituals, an esoteric trip towards a forgotten cave of metaphysical darkness and lights.

Altars Of Grief

Hailing from the very south of Saskatchewan (actually, they are from the city of Regina), not that far from the border with our oh so beloved country U.S.Aargh, Altars Of Grief are another Extreme Doom band from Canadian soil – or is it Prairie Doom they are performing...

various artists - Visions Of Darkness

Iran… Known for its repressive government, Shiite-religious fundamentalism, millennia-old Persian civilization (more than 2,500 years of culture, including a huge heritage of historical remnants – praise and respect!), beautiful women (these women have the most beautiful eyes in the world), tasteful ab kusht, even a successful wrestling team and a fabulous, undeniably attractive anti-appreciation for our Earth’s newest Caesar, Mister Donald T... But when it comes to Music, well, that might seem quite limited, even narrow-minded, in our western countries.


There are quite some interesting acts within the French (Funeral) Doom / Doom-Death scene, and one of my preferred ones for sure is this one: Monolithe.


I’d like to start this review with an excerpt from the bio. “Music is an obscure and ambiguous discipline, whose forms reflect in full light the mysteries of the soul. As most of the art forms, it deals with the paradox of the materialization of thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It reveals what is hidden, dives deep in the depths of mind, and brings back its ghosts to the surface for everyone to see.”

Aura Hiemis

Felipe ‘Herumor’ V. is quite a known grunter within the Chilean Underground Death Metal scene. He has been, or still is, active in acts such as Projector, Mar De Grises (I truly adore this band!), Ancestral, Abaddon and Timecode. His main project, however, is his solo-outfit Aura Hiemis, which he started in 2004.

Wolf's Hunger

Wolf’s Hunger are a Serbian band that was formed at the end of last century, although it was under another name. the band did split up soon after, but they returned, now as Wolf’s Hunger, in 2002. The band recorded some demos and a split with fellow countrymen Posmrtna Liturgija (2005, Grom Records), soon after followed by a first full-length album (Retaliation In Blood, 2007, once again via Grom Records). then the band did split up once more.


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