There is a scene in the Medellin-area, Colombia, that pays tribute to the school of Old, and once in a while a release flows over the ocean towards our lands. Such thing now is the case for Los Elogios Noctambulares, the fourth album by the trio Blestema. Recently I did also write and publish the review for Tzelmoth’s last demo, which you can find on the update of August 4th 2016, by the way.

Nuklear Frost

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Minnesota-based act Nuklear Frost released their first full album, Subjugation, which clocks just over half an hour. The seven-tracker was mixed and mastered by Maxwell Thomas Karon, who was responsible for the final result as well for releases from bands like Scordatura, Astral Blood, Mouth Of The Serpent or Adora Vivos too.


Germany’s project Emerge did create quite some stuff in mean time (also under different monikers, like as part of the fabulous Martwa Natura-collaboration), and once in a while previously unreleased material finally gets the attention it deserves. That’s the case right here, with Hiding Place. It consists of some stuff that was recorded in September 2013 (if I am not mistaken, more stuff from those recording sessions were released under the Attenuation Circuit-banner, which is the project’s own label - cf.


Nowadays it’s quite difficult to create something unique and, at the same time, something great. Some renewing acts bring stuff that simply sucks, that is filled with exaggeration, or that lacks cohesion or a vision. Besides, in mean time it might seem that we’ve reach all borders of the sonic spectrum – since Harsh Noise Wall or simplistic field recording / sounds of nature are considered being ‘musical styles’ (and hey, you won’t hear me complain), it’s almost unthinkable what’s next to come.

Ars Veneficium

Two years after their great debut EP The Abyss (you can still read the review posted on March 26th 2015; just enter the band’s name in the ‘search’-tab on top at the right), Belgian combo Ars Veneficium, an outfit that includes Immortal Frost Productions’ label owner S., return with the debut full length album. I did truly adore that first effort, and it was not just a lucky shot.


Well, I was enormously surprised, the positive way, when I received a message from Cyclic Law telling that there was a new Sophia album coming up. For more than a decade we did not hear anything anymore, at all, about this project by Arcana’s Peter Bjärgö. And indeed, it was true that there was a new work in the making.


Phragments, the main outfit of Slovakian artists Matej Gyárfáš and Nenad Branković, return with their fifth studio recording, after 2013’s New Kings And New Queens. That last one did slightly differ from the first recordings, for being less martial and orchestral in nature, yet rather Drone-oriented than before. And that indeed is sort of the direction this album goes on once again.

Order Of The White Hand

Aki Klemm is one of the most active guys within the (current) Finnish (Black) Metal scene. Not only he owns the Patologian Laboratorio Productions and the Patologian Laboratorio Studio, but he’s active in several band and projects too: Grimirg, Oath, Lathspell, Hautakammio, Seal Of Beleth, and some others.


I was hesitating – would I write a short essay on the ‘Eurasian’ current or not… But in order to comprehend the philosophy behind TSIDMZ’s concept, it would be a missed chance not to do so. So here it is. The Eurasian ideas, as being related to an anti-capitalistic conviction, were born almost a century ago, trying to focus once again on the human being as existing like an entity of flesh and spirit, rather than being a part of an economic, world-dominative and fake-democratic mechanical construction.


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