Bud Metal Records

Vulcanodon Phazer

I admit that I have a certain ‘heart’-thing for Bud Metal Records. I do not want to get too far (haha, you might get a wrong impression), but somehow the guy behind that label – and several related bands / projects – deserves respect and a virtual hug. But that’s personal, so let’s focus on the next step of this review.

Vulcanodon Phazer

Well, what a surprise. I didn’t see this coming… You know, I know Patrick Mytron as the (sympathetic) guy behind joyful projects like Avitas and Kabexnuv (for both of them, I did write some reviews in the past, so in case of interest, for really great yet raw and rough Black Metal, I invite you to check them out; just enter those monikers in the ‘Search’ tab to read my thoughts on those recordings).

Kabexnuv / Dol Guldur

When I noticed that Bud Metal were about to release a new album, I was extremely aroused, of course. I was (and still am) quite enthusiastic about Avitas, an outfit by label-owner Myrtroen, and since I found out that one of both projects appearing on this split-album would be another solo-outfit of this guy…

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