Dark Essence Records


Since I do not see the point to write an extensive introduction about this cult-band, I just leave you with this: formed almost 2 ½ decades ago, hailing from the city of Bergen (Norway), and creators of some excellent, as well as some disappointing releases before. Anyway, I’m pretty sure you know them, or at least you’ve heard about them.


With a lyrical concept based on the cycle of seasons, Galar return with De Gjenlevende, their third album, which was recorded mainly at the (underestimated) Conclave & Earshot Studio with Bjørnar E. Nilsen (think: Taake, Vulture Industries, Dead To This World, Helheim, Byfrost and many more). Still based on the duo M. Kristiansen (harsh vocals, guitars and bass) and A.B.


I am always unhappily happy when Taake release a new album. I follow this project as from the release of Nattestid…, and each single album that did follow that magnificent debut was at least worth killing for. Kill! (it’s Kristmass-time, so I can’t help myself…)

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