This band started out in Gothenburg by Feffe and Matte in late 2008 as a two piece who wrote a few songs together that were influenced by some of their favorite bands like: The Melvins, Black Sabbath, The Jesus Lizard and Poison Idea.

Five Finger Death Punch

On our last get-together to update the website, our editor-in-chief had this album playing when I entered the CW headquarters, quite on purpose as it would turn out, because the moment he noticed that I was hummin' along with the song at hand, he readily volunteered the info that this (picking up the CD from his desk and handing it over to me) was his newest “discovery”, and that, in fact, he wanted the album to get the best promotion possible...and was therefore handing its review over to me.


Letting me review Canada's top selling Thrash Metal act Annihilator's 2005 and 2007 albums Schizo Deluxe and Metal, our editor-in-chief suddenly (if I remember correctly, I was kinda swamped in other work in those days, with new labels the Chief had pulled in and which needed to be impressed by our writing skills) relegated the job of auditing the band's self-titled 2010 album to colleague Jeroen, whom made that a relatively good but short job!.

Templeton Pek

In the 2008 three friends from UK decide to found a band and to play the music they love: swinging safe less skate-hardcore. This was the birth of Templeton Pek. Meanwhile, they have released three full-length CDs and one EP. Main inspirations of Templeton Pek seem to be bands like Rise Against, 30 Seconds from Mars, Ignite and Pennywise. In general their songs are 3-4 minute bursts, fast and full of swinging parts.


Terror, hailing from Los Angeles and Richmond, has been around for ten years now and can easily be considered as the hardest working band around: five studio albums, side projects such as Down To Nothing and Donnybrook and countless tours around the world later, they're ready to unleash a new masterpiece.
After the release of the excellent record Keepers Of The Faith, expectations were high.

Heaven Shall Burn

The undisputed German kings of metalcore are without any doubt Heaven Shall Burn. After fifteen years, they're still going strong and to prove that, they've just released their brand new studio album, called VETO.
The first thing that immediately comes to mind while listening to the album, is that everything sounds so clear and solid. Of course Tue Madsen must have had something to do with that as he's been working together with Heaven Shall Burn since the very beginning.

Deez Nuts

In 2005, one of the most influential metalcore bands, I Killed The Prom Queen, decided to call it quits. Drummer JJ Peters started killing time by writing new music and recording every single instrument himself. The result was the Rep Your Hood EP by the Australian hardcore band Deez Nuts.

Bleed From Within

In 2009, the Glasgow guys in Bleed From Within were quite fast compared to Bring Me The Horizon. Perhaps because their singer looks a bit like Oli Sykes. Well, those people drew conclusions a bit too fast, as Bleed From Within turned out to be a solid new band, being part of the NWOBHM. They stand up in a world taken over by pop music and easy rock songs.


Necrowretch are a French combo with one goal only: METALLL! The band is proud to deny any trend or popularity conquest, so they are about to win my sympathy. One important thing left: doing good music (i.e. song writing + performance). Do they? Will they?

Iron Maiden

Ever since I turned to metal and hard rock, I’ve been a Maiden fan, except for the Blaze Bailey period, and I own every studio album, once again except the two albums Blaze sang on.  Besides the studio albums I also own some live albums, and I’ve even still got some vinyl thing lying around.


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