Intronaut play crunch metal that sometimes borders on math metal with a doomy/sludgy and even fusion edge. There are some modern Tool/ Baroness elements in both music and vocals thrown in, giving the music an up-to-date and original sound. The music is guitar dominated and both guitarists deliver the goods. In fact the rhythm section is very strong and is complimented by Sacha’s screamo meets clear solid mid-ranged vocals.


Finntroll are one of the leading bands from Finland when it comes to Folk-injected Extreme Metal. I don’t feel like re-writing the band’s biography or discography right here, because the web from a wide world has all information you might need.


Target Earth is the sixteenth album and the thirteenth studio albumby the Canadian Heavy Metal band Voivod, which was released on January 22, 2013. This is the first Voivod studio album to feature Daniel Mongrain on guitar (replacing the late Denis D'Amour and the first since 1991's Angel Rat with Jean-Yves Thériault on bass. (wikipedia)

Alpha Tiger

Alpha Tiger from Germany are the living proof for the fact that traditional heavy metal does not necessarily need to be created by elderly people. With their second album ‘Beneath The Surface’ this five young guys kicking rusty rockers out of their wheelchairs.

Thoroughly much celebrated shows at German cult festivals Keep It True and Rock Hard Festival the band became one of German’s hottest heavy metal newcomers. Due to epic compositions, catchy hooks and the powerfull voice of Stephan Dietrich the band succeeded in living up to the positive feedback.


Saxon is one of those bands who’ve been around for so long, are liked by most metalheads, yet never managed to achieve the same breakthrough bands like Iron Maiden of Judas Priest were able to.  They also made part of the NWOBHM scene, and despite a dip in the late eighties that lasted into the early nineties, have since regained their strength and are churning out album after album.

Pipes And Pints

Although all the band members in celtic punk band Pipes And Pints look like tough guys, they still know how to include the beautiful sound of the bagpipes in their music. You might think that they are from Scotland, but actually, they are from the beautiful city of Prague. Found And Lost is their second full-length. Their first one, Until We Die, was released through the European label Wolverine Records, but already it got released overseas in the USA and even South America.


What started out as some kind of joke, has now just delivered their fifth album. The main protagonists in this band are of course Rich Ward (Stuck Mojo) and Chris Jericho, a wrestler on World Wrestle Entertainment.


Finally, the wait is over! Twenty years in the business, the LA rockers of Buckcherry are back with their sixth full length studio album, which goes by the holy name Confessions. Now that I have your attention, there's no real secret to it. The entire album has been inspired by the seven capital sins, referring to frontman Josh Todd's childhood. In addition, on Confessions, it's time for Buckcherry to confess what they've been up to these last months/years.


It's always a bit tough to talk about recordings that have never seen broad daylight. Mostly, there has to be some kind of reason for them to be locked away from the bigger crowd. The legendary German rockers of Can are back to release some of their unreleased experimental rock tunes and that's a mouthful to say the least!


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