Frontiers Records Benelux.

Moonland feat. Lenna Kuurmaa

The anticipated MOONLAND project finally brings back to the spotlight on the international Rock music markets Estonian singer, actress and TV personality Lenna Kuurmaa. Lenna has been the front-woman of the Pop-Rock sensation VANILLA NINJA, an all-female outfit, which debuted in 2002 with their self-titled album and went on to release  internationally another 3 very successful studio albums (which won Gold Records awards in Germany, Austria and Platinum in their home country, Estonia).

Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep is one of those bands, that, like The Rolling Stones and other bands, have been around for so long, you almost can’t remember when you first heard them.  This once again shows that in the days these bands were founded, it was their steadfast determination and their quality as musicians that made them famous.  Oh, and a bit of luck also of course.  In comparison a lot of present day bands are massively hyped by their record companies, score one or two hits, and fade away into oblivion after a few years.

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