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Russia’s Bjarm were formed five years ago in the North-West of this immense country. They hail from Severodvinsk at the White Sea, an era that was called Bjarmaland in several Norse Viking-sagas. That is where they took the inspiration for their band’s name from, as the smart ones amongst you might have guessed…


A couple of years ago, the avian influenza gave me hope. Since I am an animal-friend, I am not talking about the birds that could die. No further comment, but let’s say it seemed to be a solution on the sickness called humanity, and the over-population of homo sapiens-masses…

Anyway, avian or bird influenza is also known as the H5N1-variant of influenza type-A, a virus that could have caused pretty nasty things (but it did not, for the WHO was too kind to, etc…) ;-(

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