Lauxnos are a new solo-outfit by Kirill ‘Katharos’ Andreevich, whom you might know as well from, for example, Emptiness Soul (a couple of months ago, and with sadness as result for undersigned, they announced to stop all activities under this name), The Happiness Cage, Hyperborean Frost or Epitaph Of Life.


Exactly three years after the debut album Odium, Russian act GodHater return with the sophomore full album, Blasphemia. This time Belial (bass / vocals) and Sagoth (guitars) were joined by session drummer Roman ‘Yog Sothoth’ Grigoriev (known from Pseudogod and Act Of God) after former drummer Spike left.

Bone Cracker

Bone Cracker (or Bonecracker) are a band from the city of Minsk, Russia, formed about two years ago. They had a one-track single earlier this year to promote their upcoming debut full length, and that song indeed appears on Пopoku. Apparently this material, and then I am referring to the album and not that single track only, was originally released on tape via Zombi Records.


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