Album Title: 
Where Hollowness Dwells
Release Date: 
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Review Type: 

Spanish duo Morkulv (vocalist Funedëim and multi-instrumentalist Wulfheim) releases its debut Where Hollowness Dwells in co-operation with four labels. It’s an eleven-tracker that starts with a very short yet pretty haunting intro (Prologue - Mork). But then, as from Red, Dark… Infinite on, it’s quite something else. Morkulv bring a mostly nasty, schizoid and malignant form of un(der)wordly Black Metal, quite fast, quite simplistic, quite melodic, but above all: filled with anger and terror. This goes for quite some pieces on this album, leaving no room for peace or rest, drenching the whole in a muddy pulp. Yet there is some misty / mystic stuff around as well, covering the atmosphere into snowy landscapes and ominous dungeons. The Shadow Traveller or The Quiet Voice, for example, are such mesmerizing experiences. And it goes further than that. Injections of ambient pieces (sometimes with piano), wretched vocals, totally doomed excerpts, droning repetitive atmospheres, epic melodies and so on; Morkulv do have a lot to offer! It’s nice to notice such a fine symbiosis of mad evilness and trans-dimensional experimentation.

There is one ‘but’, however. But what about the production? Actually, the sound is pretty bad. Actually, it’s just terrible. Yet since this material is truly excellent, I won’t focus on this.