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Sisters Memon

I will not go too far by introducing Sir Martin W. Daniels. He’s an artist in different art-categories and disciplines, such as (short) movies (an awarded movie maker he is, known from e.g. Everyone Laugh At Leanne or the classic-to-be Keeley) and Music (I’ll come back to this immediately), as well as being involved with the Integrity Magazine.


The label Ungaikyō Prod. is a French outlet to promote Ambient and Dungeon Synth-oriented Music, inspired by the Japanese culture and (archaic / ancient) sonic scene. It was formed quite recently by Julien Lacroix, who has some solo-projects within that very comparable scene. You will surely know this sympathetic guy as well from Moloch Conspiracy (recently, and sadly, defunct). I won’t go too deep into the background of the label nor the human being behind it this time.


I’ll keep the introduction of this band short, for you can find any additional information in any of my former reviews for this stunning project. But it would be kind of me, don’t you think, to add at least a small acquaintance, so here it is. Abigorum is the name of an outfit by Aleksey Korolyov, a very talented and dedicated musician and promotor (and above all: a mostly sympathetic personality, which I truly adore!).


You know, sometimes a totally new outfit does surprise as from the very first moment. Well, that’s exactly what I experienced with Greek duo Eldingar, a very young outfit that wrote, recorded and released the debut-album Maenads in very early Summer 2021. Stavros Lontos (guitars) and Andreas Simitzis (vocals) joined forces to pay tribute to the majestic Greek scene ‘of Old’.

Act Of Entropy

There might be structure in chaos, continuity in disorder, regularity in anarchy. I’m not just referring to astrophysical or empirical laws within science; I am referring as well to the creative blasts constituted under the banner of Act Of Entropy. A word of explanation might be apposite…


[a short one for being sold out – at least the tape-edition of this remarkable live registration – yet still worth being promoted anyhow, and in support of / respect for Thomas]


‘Ayyadieh’ refers to a hill where the ‘noble’ King Richard I aka ‘Lionheart’ did massacre hundreds, maybe thousands ‘enemies’ (women and kids included) at the end of the 12th century. This vengeful thing did happen for real, even-though there is a certain ‘legendary’ veil that covers this story, that glorious expression of revenge against the Muslims (led by the famous sultan Saladin) in a period of conquer and rivalry. It’s a bloodred chapter in history at the time of crusades, marking the blood-thirsty competition of religious fanatism.

Frostmoon Eclipse

I won’t go too deep at all into this band’s biography / discography, because you do know this Italian act for sure (in two years, these guys will celebrate their three decades of existence!), and it would bring me too far. I’ll go to the content immediately, and this time it deals with a compilation, actually, i.e. a collection of new and live tracks gathered as Rustworn.

Funeral Chasm

I am not sure whether I can call Funeral Chasm a side-project of Above Ravens, but this new entity was formed in early 2020 by two members of this fine yet truly underestimated Pagan act from Danish soil. String-virtuoso Morten ‘Sjaelepest’ Lund and Danny ‘Woe’ Jönsson (voices and lyrics, drums and percussion, synths and piano, programming / sampling, additional string-work) (also known from e.g.

Colin Load

The label Abstract Trauma Recordings is quite a young one, inspired by the surreal and freakish sounds created by man(kind) (‘man’ is not always that ‘kind’, so I have an aversion to use the definition ‘mankind’) – or entities related to man(un)kind somehow.


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