Ivan Tibos.


Even-though this recording got released half a year ago, I will still write down a couple of words about it. Okrütnik (which apparently means ‘cruel man’ in Polish) is quite a young band (formed in 2018) with an acceptable yet not memorable (personal opinion, so don’t shoot me) first full-length in 2020: Legion Antychrysta, released via Poland’s finest Ossuary Records.

Megalith Levitation

Country (for what it’s worth): Russian Federation

Members: SAA (‘sermons & fuzzmagic aka guitars & vocals), PAN (skullhammers = drums & percussions), KKV (thunderbass, i.e. bass guitars & double bass)

Recording: Temple Of Silence Studio (Autumn 2021) (except drums: Wildboar Studio)

Dronny Darko & ProtoU

An ‘older’ release, but who cares?...

Acoustics Of Shadows is a collaborative work of two persons who do know each-other well (no further comment), yet above all, it’s a mutual work by two beautiful, sympathetic people with a cool vision of / on sonic finesse. Both Oleg and Sasha are known for their subtle yet intriguing recordings, and this mutually recorded effort strengthens their connection.


Slithering Black Records is quite a young label, but it fastly grew up to be(come) one of the most important and influential labels within the worldwide Industrial / Ritual / Dark / Martial Ambient scene. Handalien, Scott Lawlor, Mike Benoit, Omensworn, Fabio Keiner, Maris Anguis, Her Menacing Pet; it’s just a small selection of fabulous artists involved with this label from Rhode Island (the smallest state, by the way, from the U.S. of A.).


This review does not deal with a new recording. It’s all about a physical re-release of an album from just a few minutes ago (ironic-looking smiley included); a release by an act that might be, for what it’s worth, one of my personal greatest surprises / experiences lately: the Brazilian, or is it Canadian, outfit Móđir, curated by Lady IO.

Nightmare Spirit

Very recently, I got in touch with David from the totally frenzy Illinois-based label No Sides Records. Once in a while, this label releases a bunch of things on tape or compact-disc, dwelling in spheres of Ambient, Electronics, Techno, Jazz, Impro, Avantgarde, Drone, Industrial, Classical, Chiptune, and much more. Sometimes things sound serious, then again it’s just hilarious or cynically-meant. But it works (most of the time)!



Location: Singapore

Members: Andi (the talking that accompanies the dead into the Lahad = lead vocals) / Khairil (the emptiness upon excavation of Kubur = all guitars) / Edi (the embedding of the Nisan = drums & percussions)

Formed: 1991-1993 / 1999-now

Recorded: at Studio 47 by Nizam Aziz

Artwork: Armaada Art (Andreas Christanetoff)

Format: jewel-box CD with twelve-page booklet & digital

Edition: 1,000 copies



Location: Ukraine

Members (sort of anonymous): M. (guitars) / J. (drums) / V. (bass) / A. (vocals, synths)

Mix / recording studio: Forest Den Studio

Artwork: Hellcatfairy Art (logo: Paint-It-Black Design)

Type: jewel-box with eight-page booklet

Edition: 500 copies

Duration: 37:29 minutes

Genre: Second Wave Black Metal



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