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Maybe the name ‘Xenoglossy’ might not be that ‘huge’ (yet), but actually Xenoglossy Productions are a not-to-underestimate-label (from Italian soil) at all. Illuminated Manuscripts, Deathvoid or Gonemage; it’s just a limited yet interesting collection of acts on this label, which do deserve any additional support.

White Mare

At the very end of last decade, Swiss vocalist (and keyboardist) David Genillard aka D.G. (known from his collaboration in e.g. Nightshade, Sic Semper Tyrannis or Duthaig) decided to start a new outfit that dwells within spheres of traditional Doom-Death Metal. He joined forces with string-master J.G. Arts (here active as J.A.), who you might know from his notorious Doom-act Doomcult (the Netherlands).

Empty Chalice

[older material, but way too interesting to ignore; and a (late) promise / commitment to the guy behind the label involved; actual release-date: June 10th 2018, but since I can’t go back that far in the release date’s scroll-down-menu on top…]

Moloch / Arria Paetus

I did express my adoration for Aesthetic Death - and the sympathetic guy behind this label - a hundred times before. I won’t go too deep into this English label’s fabulous existence this time. But here’s a review on another excellently chosen release, being a split in between two semi-Arctic entities. And I admit that this deals (once again) with an older release, but then again: so what?! Indeed (grim-looking smiley included)…


I’ll keep it short this time, for I will politely ask you to search the .net, or to read one of the reviews I did in the past (links below), to check out everything ‘behind’ the project Alphaxone and its human entity behind it, Mehdi Saleh. Once again, this album was totally written and created by this guy from Iranian soil, and released via long-time partner Cryo Chamber.

Sado Rituals / Mass Graven Image

Short introduction on both projects, the label, and the release itself.

Sado Rituals: project by Gates Of Hypnos president P. ‘Sadox’ K., one of the most productive yet also most interesting Noise-outfits from Poland in history.

Mass Graven Image: Texan-based Death Industrial / Ambient / Noise project with a limited yet highly interesting effort on releases.

Dead Serious

[short review on an older release, but it’s worth waiting for, because it’s my review, haha]

No, I am dead serious about this, since it’s a nice day today…


I do not give a score anymore when writing a review, and this since a couple of years. You know, giving points is such useless reflection of utter subjectivity and it says nothing at all. What’s the difference in between 79/100 and 81/100. It’s just a difference of nearly two percent, yet mentally it makes quite a difference. And it is not because I give a score of, for example, 99/100 that you need to agree. I nowadays rather prefer to express my ideas through the canalisation of my thoughts and impressions into a review. This said…


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