Ivan Tibos.

Haiku Funeral

In all honesty, I have seen this duo growing and growing throughout their time at the Aesthetic Death offices. I did not dislike Nightmare Painting at all, but I did ‘miss’ something essential. With Hallucinations, I enjoyed the important step forward enormously. But as from the last album, Decadent Luminosity, I was convinced about the impact Haiku Funeral have on my open-minded state-of-mind (for what it’s worth).


Short biography: formed in 2019, with an independently-released EP shortly after (including a Metallica-cover; and for what it’s worth: it was / is a stunning EP, with an amazing reinterpretation of that original anthem).

Mass Graven Image

Only three days after the ‘official’ release of this album, Mass Graven Image had a split released on the very same label, together with Sado Rituals, which is the main outfit by Gates Of Hypnos’ president Przemysław. Maybe a review on this split will follow (I politely begged my Lords to present me the gift of Time…); but first thing first, and that’s what The World Burns To Death is all about.


[I promised a (female) friend of mine from Oceanic ‘soil’ to write down my thoughts on this release; due to circumstances I haven’t had the time / energy yet, but since I try to keep up my promises, at least to those people that deserve this… Better somewhat later than never…]


WarHymn is a very young band from Romanian soil (more specifically: from the capital city of Bucharest), which was formed in 2019 by Alin ‘Shavy’ Savlovschi. In very early 2020, WarHymn (still a solo-project) self-released the debut Gnosis; soon after it got re-released physically via Narcoleptica Productions.


One of the 666 alter egos by Maurice ‘Mories’ de Jong aka MdeJong is Hagetisse, which he created almost six years ago, if I am not mistaken. I am not going to delve into this great musician’s huge discography; at the bottom you can find some reviews I did write in the (recent) past about some of his other outfits. I’ll go immediately to the content of De Verminkte Stilte Van Het Zijn and the Hagetisse essence.

Idylls Of The Last King

I will keep it short this time, even though I am reviewing a truly magnificent act with the fabulous moniker Idylls Of The Last King. This review deals with a kind of compilation, which is dedicated – not just morally yet also financially – to the Republic Pilgrim charity organization, which tries to help youngsters from (Ukrainian) soil who are homeless, who are drug-addicted, or who have run away from their current life situation.


The word ‘pyra’ comes from ‘wood-pyramid’ when referring to a pile of wood, like a (funeral / sacrificial / tribunal / burial) pyre. English-speaking folks might have known that, but in case you did not (yet), here you are… Purification through fire, or something…

Haft Teppeh

Man’s fate was sealed when he learned the art of forgetfulness. The worst thing he ever told himself is that things come to pass.

When the lying mirror is one’s best advisor, he is prone to fail.


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