In my introduction for Sonologyst’s Silencers (The Conspiracy Theory Dossiers) (link below), I had a brief yet fitting description on this project and its frontman, Raffaele Pezzella, who also runs the labels Unexplained Sounds Group and Eighth Tower Records, besides The Recognition Test (radio show). Throughout all of these activities, there’s one general thing that repeats itself: the story of experimental sound-creation and sonic experimentalism.

Thomas Bel

I will not go to deep into the Distant Voices history – I often did so in the past, and I will certainly come back to it once again when preparing, writing and publishing my review for the album Aux Ombres, Mon Corps, En Manifeste (in a near, yet unknown future). The latter too got created by label owner Thomas Bel, also known as Fille De Misère of the fine project Misery and Jzovce.

Gnaw Their Tongues

[actually, this album was released ten years ago; below you will find my review I wrote for this unique masterpiece back then; I did not change anything at all to keep the flame that was burning in me at that glorious - and satisfying - moment. Consider this renewed upload of that original review as a sign of respect for such grandiose recording]



At the very end of 2017, suddenly there was an Italian act that started terrorising our globe with a truly impressive form of Death Industrial Ambient Drone stuff. Clavicvla’s Arsonists Prophets EP was like a harsh fist in the face of the Nazarene. Even more impressive was 2018’s follow-up, Sermons, which undersigned considered (and still considers) one of the best albums within the genre from that very same year.

Until Death Overtakes Me

I admit that Belgium is not exactly the number one country when talking about Funeral Doom Metal; compared to Finland, the Russian Federation, the United States, France or the U.K., to name but a few, Belgium is just a dwarf with very few ‘legendary’ combos. But one of the best-known artists within that very same international scene for sure is Stijn van Cauter, the guy behind the Nulll Records label.


Cyclic Law is a label that houses in Berlin, Germany nowadays. The label started its activities in 2002 in order to promote the Ambient / Industrial scene. The focus lies on the release of Music recordings (releases via the digital sources, as well as on vinyl and compact disc), but in the meantime the activities got expanded with the release of books / visual art (Cyclic Press) and mastering assistance for electronic sonic art (in its most open-minded definition) (Cyclic Law Mastering).


A mara is a rodent from Patagonia and some other areas in Argentina. That’s biology. This site is not about nature science, although beastly attitudes and carnivorous behaviours are not uncommon…


Well, this was something I did look forward to so passionately! When Aleksey Korolyov told me there would be a new Abigorum album, I couldn’t wait to listen to it. I was (and still am) very impressed by all former material he created under this moniker. But there was more. Apparently he did not create this album on his own anymore. No, this time he co-operated with some other musicians, turning Abigorum from a solo-outfit into a real band.

Corona Barathri

Not that long ago, I received a very promising message: Corona Barathri would install a totally new label, at the one hand as a (digital only?) distro for occult Underground Music, as well as for the release of some new Corona Barathri recordings.


In the introduction for the re-release of Black Sorcerers Fortress by Endoki Forest, I gave a short description about the history behind the guy who runs both the young Hyperborean Age Records label and the interesting projects he’s involved with. So I am not going to repeat myself; check out that chronicle in case of interest (link: below). I just wonder: John, where are you?! What with the label?...


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