Linnea Hjertén

Location: Sweden

Members: Linnea Hjertén (everything; also active in Shaam Larein) + samples by Ludvig Swärd (Forndom)

Production & mix: Linnea Hjertén

Mastering: Tore Stjerna (Necromorbus Studio)

Type: digital + CD (jewel-case + booklet)

Duration: 35:40

Genre: esoteric Nordic Folk


Location: Japan

Members: Masami Akita

Mix & mastering: James Dunn

Remastered: Martin Bowes

Artwork: Abby Helasdottir

Type: double-CD, gatefold eco-pack / digital

Duration: 104:59 minutes

Genre: Japanoise / Harsh Noise



As (Black) Metal ‘fan’, one might recognize the name Admetos from the Greek projects Elegos (Epic Symphonic Black Metal; all instruments) or Faunus (solo; melancholic Doom-laden Atmospheric Black Metal). Admetos, however, also runs a non-Metal outfit, called Anglachel. It’s a productive project, inspired by Tolkien and this author’s immense imaginative worlds.

Suffer Yourself

I’ll keep my introduction on the band brief and concise. Suffer Yourself were formed in 2011 in Kyiv, Ukraine, as a solo-outfit by Stanislav Govorukha. After writing some tracks, and the recording of an official demonstrational five-tracker, he joined forces with some other musicians. These original tracks got re-recorded and made it to the first full-length, 2014’s Inner Sanctum.

Atrium Carceri

Country (for what it’s worth): U.S.A. (formerly: Sweden)

Music + lyrics: Simon Heath

Production + mastering: Simon Heath

Artwork: Simon Heath

Type: sixteen-paged hard-cover digi-book CD (with liner notes & conceptual poetry) + digital

Duration: about fifty minutes

Genre: Esoteric / Ritual / Cinematic / Dark / Apocalyptic / Droning / Dungeon / Horror Ambient

Introduction: not necessary (for this is such famous project)…

Thy Rites

[another ‘older’ recording which this review will deal with, so I’ll keep it short; yet this material is worth being promoted anyway]


Songs seen through the eyes of the dying


Country (for what it’s worth): Denmark

Members: Casper Axilgård (drums), Atli Brix Kamban (vocals and guitars), Niels Asger Svensson (bass)

Mix & recording: Troels Damgaard Holm (Farvemøllen & Black Tornado Studio)

Mastering: Brad Boatright (Audiosiege)

Descend Into Despair

(released May 21st 2020, yet the scroll-down menu does not go back that far anymore…)


Country (for what it’s worth): Romania

Members: Alex Costin (bass guitars), Flaviu Roșca (synths & piano), Xander Coza (vocals, guitars, synths), Liviu Pop (guitars), Luca Breaz (drums & percussions), Cosmin Farcǎu (guitars), Florentin Popa (backing vocals & field-recordings)

Lyrics: Florentin Popa

Infernal Angels

Country (for what it’s worth): Italy

Members: Xes (vocals), Nekroshadow (guitars), Apsychos (guitars) and new (on this recording) members Postmortem (drums) and Asdraeth (bass guitars)

Engineering / mix / mastering: Christian d’Onofrio (Atrocity Exhibition Studio)

Artwork: Zizi Amri (cover artwork) / Apsychos (layout & design; adjusted by WrathDesign)


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