Haissem is a solo-outfit by some Andrey V. Tollock, whom you might know from another one-man army too, i.e. Doom-Death project Sunset Forsaken. Haissem however is more productive and diverse, and throughout six years of existence, more than a handful of somewhat differing recordings got released. Amongst those last year’s Kuhaghan Tyyn, available physically via Saint-Peterburg’s Satanath Records.


The main sonic outfit of Raffaele Pezzella, Sonologyst, returns with Dust Of Human Race, released via one of this guy’s labels, Eighth Tower Records (part of the Unexplained Sounds Group family). I won’t go too deep into biographical or discographical issues this time; just keep in mind that this devoted artist from Italy permanently impresses with his releases.

Cut The Light

About two and a half years after the splendid album Aphotic, Ukrainian outfit Cut The Light return, once again via Black Mara, with another dark-industrialized ceremony, this time called Outre’. Those trusted with that former one might know what to expect, because Outre’ strongly continues the vain of Aphotic, although it is remarkable that the length differs a lot.

The Sombre

I restarted this introduction a couple of times. Why? Well, how do you introduce a (talented [*]) musician who is so diversified, active in different disciplines and genres which undersigned might appreciate, well, about all of them? So, I decided to keep it brief. The Sombre is one of the many outfits of Dutch artist Maurice ‘Mories’ de Jong, active in tens of interesting projects.

The Stone

[[[ I am ‘into the scene’, if you want to call it this way, as from the Eighties. Hey, don’t laugh; I know that I’m getting old, but that is not my fault, okay. Anyway, (Black) Metal is like a passion, my lover, and with exception of my wife + kids also my daily number one satisfaction.


After the passing away of Moscow-based Goth-outfit Fright Night, Marianna Lukianova and Marina Scherba, both of them also involved with e.g. Mea Vita or Vechnost’ Nebytiya, decided to go on under the Vesssna moniker. That name is some word-play for the Russian word for ‘Spring’ (‘vesna’, which used to be a nickname for Marianna apparently).


I (quite) recently came in touch with Depressive Black Ambient Records, a Poland based label that focuses on daily happiness, instant joy and devoted ascetism. Indeed, nothing but my personal river to swim through… against the stream. They do not search for anything. Devourers of serpents, immersed in hypothermia. Where the breath is already imperceptible. Black, mourning, where we find no reason to inhale and exhale. Only chemicals and anesthesia [sic]. Why not? I’d like to dive into that polluted river.

Xerxes The Dark

Only a couple of days ago, Xerxes The Dark and the pretty young label Zāl Records (both of them are closely related) did release the newest Xerxes The Dark album Soundtrack To The Blind Owl, but now I’ll focus on its predecessor, being 2020’s Final Crisis.


For some incomprehensible reason I did miss Beckahesten’s 2020-debut Vattenhålens Dräpare, although Cyclic Law did kindly offer this material to me. I don’t know why, how, when, but I never got to download that great album. A shame, a pity, a stupid thing to occur.


I have to admit that I haven’t given enough attention to Nantes, France, based Throatruiner Records in the (recent) past. I did write some reviews for releases by e.g. Love Sex Machine, Protestant, Fange, Verdun, The Rodeo Idiot Engine or Vermin Womb, amongst others, but this label deserves more support for sure. Let this review be a next step within promotional spheres of mutual respect and awe.


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