Des Yeux

With some delay, this album came my way (initially send to the former boss of this webzine, my dear friend, who passed away) – but hey, never mind, because it is never too late to express appreciation.


First I have to make a confession. I did not know this band from Belarus. Seriously, I had not heard of Reido before. And you know, I am gonna make it up all right, because this release… Nope, first things first.

Woebegone Obscure

I’d like to start with a sad announcement. No, wrong, I actually wish I did not need to announce this. But apparently Woebegone Obscured decided to split up last year. A moment of doom and woe. And damn, it does fit to their last effort, which was (and still is) called The Forestroamer.


Lauxnos is the name of a Russian project, which was formed in 2013 by multi-instrumentalist Kirill ‘Katharos’ Andreevich, who is (or was) active as well in outfits like K.M., Hyperborean Frost, Emptiness Soul, Sona Nil or The Happiness Cage, amongst others.

The Serpent

For those who congregate in darkness…

Hailing from Greece, The Serpent is a project that perfectly fits to the roster of New Mexico’s Noctivagant Collective, known for its mystic, occult and mythological themes. I haven’t received, nor found, any additional information about this project, but I will delve deeper into the matter soon (though, that’s a personal thing). Now, time to focus on Ascending Duat, a four-track recording and The Serpent’s debut for Noctivagant Collective.

Kuiluun Alus

With some delay…

The first time I heard something by Kuiluun Alus must be, I think, via the split this act did with the likes of That With Tusks, Lavatone, Gnomes and Master Toad. Some of those projects I was trusted with, but Kuiluun Alus did impress me a lot, even though I had not met this project before. A pity, for this material seemed to be quite impressive.


[since the scroll-down menu does not go any farther than 2017, you can't see the actual release date, but this album saw the light, sorry, unlight, in 2012]

I have no idea whether Chadenn are still active, or whether they did split up. In each case, they did not release anything anymore since 2012 – and it’s that release that this review will deal with. Why reviewing such an old recording? Well, it is never too late to promote or support older stuff, in honour to the band or, like in this case, to the label involved.


Decemberance was (sorry, ‘is’) an Athens, Greece based band, formed in the second half of the Nineties. However, one cannot exactly call this band a very productive one, for the number of recordings over more than two decades of existence is quite limited. But then again, don’t we prefer just a few releases yet from a high quality instead of an overload of shitty stuff?...


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