The light of the moon carried through the earthen doorway. A word from the desert, a word from the mountain, a word found in water. Neither awake nor asleep, the offering quietly transcribed.

Eclipse Of The Sun

The history of Hungarian band Eclipse Of The Sun goes back to the very end of this century’s first decade. Hailing from the city of Székesfehérvár (close to the Balaton lake, appreciated enormously by undersigned for its fine winery – egészségére!), as a five-piece they did create a first untitled demonstrational EP, soon followed by Symbols, consisting of four new tracks. Several line-up changes followed throughout the years, but in 2015, the band came up with their first official full-length album, Daimonion (independently released).

Corona Barathri

The Black Mother whispered in my ear not to spend too much time on an introduction anymore. She wants me to refer to one of the reviews written before by undersigned, as well by my beloved blood brother Peter. Reverent I bow my head and spread the message: click on the links below and find out more yourself, ha!

Crrombid Traxorm

During the (late) Eighties / early Nineties, there was a huge, active worldwide Thrash Metal scene; or at least, that was the case within the western hemisphere. We (and then I am talking about people living in (West) Europe or (North) America) weren’t that trusted with the scene behind the Iron Curtain. But you know, in fact there were quite some things brooding out there. Even though being extremely ‘underground’ at that moment, the scenes from e.g. the former Soviet Union, Poland, former Czecho-Slovakia, etc., did house a vivid Metal scene as well.

The Malice

Ah, sometimes it is truly fine to get confused in a positive way. That’s exactly what happened to me when Aleksey from Satanath Records (amongst others) informed me about the debut of the project The Malice. I have to admit that I did not know this entity, but apparently it’s a pan-European collaboration of two famous and experienced sweeties.

Vulcanodon Phazer

I admit that I have a certain ‘heart’-thing for Bud Metal Records. I do not want to get too far (haha, you might get a wrong impression), but somehow the guy behind that label – and several related bands / projects – deserves respect and a virtual hug. But that’s personal, so let’s focus on the next step of this review.

The Bullet Dodgers

Some do eat cornflakes (with milk or cream), muesli or a piece of fruit at morning. Others aren’t satisfied before having consumed some slices of crispy bacon, white beans in tomato sauce and a piece of toast with lots of salty butter. And I know people who won’t start their day without having their daily boterham-met-choco. But apparently, there a few human entities that devour bullets for breakfast too. Say hello to The Bullet Dodgers.

This act, consisting of some elderly musicians - what do you mean, am I rude? Let’s start all over again…


First a very brief discography / biography. Antzaat were formed in 2015 and did release The Black Hand Of The Father (link: see below) in 2017 by the upcoming Belgian (Black Metal) label Immortal Frost Productions. No thanks; now you’re completely informed, dwelling in spheres of knowledge, in unlimited wisdom with me…

Lamia Vox

I usually think about Death or Black Metal in general, or Grindcore, when considering the sonic scene from Czechia. When it comes to Ambient, Drone, Ritual, Occult and the likes, however, my ‘knowledge’ is limited to just a handful of projects. AutopsiA, Blear Moon and Orbbiss are some examples, but one cannot ignore the impact of Lamia Vox on the audible part of my (intoxicated) brain.

Demenzia Mortis

The Rock / Metal / New Wave scene from Belgium has a lot to offer. Quite a lot is bullshit, let’s be honest. But we do surely have a very vivid and worthy scene too, both in Flanders (the Dutch-speaking North) and Wallonia (the French-speaking South) (and the other communities). Unfortunately, seen on worldwide scale, the Belgian scene is somehow underestimated.


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