Darkest mind

Despite having some Gotmoor members in its ranks, it would be too easy (and incorrect) to consider Darkest Mind as a side-project of aforementioned top-act. The story started in 2014 or so, when Yuri ‘Y’ started this outfit as a solo-expression of the ideas he had. Actually, he wasn’t part of Gotmoor’s line-up yet, back then, which proves my former statement (about the ‘side-project’-thing).

Suffer Yourself

I did deeply adore the former albums Inner Sanctum and Ectoplasm by Suffer Yourself, a project from Poland, no, Ukraine, or is it Sweden? No, seriously, Suffer Yourself was formed a decade ago by Stanislav ‘Hardman’ Govorukha, originating from the Polish side of the Carpathian mountains, but who moved over to Kyiv a while ago. At that time, he was the sole musician under this outfit’s moniker.


When it comes to the name ‘Gurthang’ in terms of Tolkien worship, I won’t go too deep into the matter this time. ‘Gurthang’ was a legendary sword owned by Túrin Turambar, hero and protagonist in a tragic story – but even-though I am a dedicated Tolkien-fan, this review does not deal with the great books of that writer.


Initially formed as Talvikuu, Havukruunu were formed somewhere in the middle of this century’s first decade. However, the earlier years were quite tranquil when it came to releasing material. The first demos by this coniferous crown (which is the English translation for ‘havukruunu’) were released in 2013/2014, the first full-length (Havulinnaan) in 2015. Two more albums did follow, i.e.


Julien Lacroix is the person behind the magisterial project Moloch Conspiracy, for which I did write several reviews in the (recent) past. This French guy is also active under several other monikers. Recently, for example, he did create and release a rather vampire-themed thing as Oupyr (probably I will write a review on this recording soon).

In Tenebriz

I did mention the name of Vladimir Prokofiev a couple of times before. However, this was linked to his visual art for cover paintings / drawings. Vladimir is the guy behind the famous Paint-It-Black Design, known for his works for albums by bands like A Thousand Sufferings, Taiga, Vehementor, Ethir Anduin, Istina and many more.


Actually I was not about to write a review on this album, for it was released almost a year and a half ago. But then again, as you might know, I do not, ever, mind to write down my thoughts and ideas about material that has not been released recently; as long as it does deserve any additional promotion or support, you can count me in.


The moniker ‘genune’ is often used in Romanian translation as ‘precipice’ or ‘abyss’ or so. But it is the name as well for a promising act from Romanian soil, formed about one decade ago. Throughout these past ten years, Genune did finish a limited yet quite great and interesting amount of stuff, i.e. the albums Cern Sol and Inert & Unerring. The latter is the content of this review, inspired by a novel of Arthur Koestler when it comes to the title of this album; not unimportant to understand the thematical approach.


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