The solo-outfit Gravespawn has a rich biography. I won’t go too deep into the matter, but it’s an interesting fact that this project was formed in South Korea by an American soldier, while serving for his national army in the far East of Asia. We’re talking about the earlier years of this century. Things went quite tranquil, and it wasn’t until the year 2010 and the next ones, to grow ‘bigger’ as studio-act. As from then on, throughout the years, Gravespawn did release several recordings (full-lengths, EP’s and splits with e.g.

Raison d'Être

It would be a waste of time to invest my time on an introduction, and it would be a waste of time for you to read an extended biography / discography on Raison d’Être, probably the best known outfit by Swedish multi-talented artist Peter Andersson, active for three decades at this very moment. So I’ll skip this part. You can still search for additional information in one of the former reviews I did (links for some of them, see below) or on the Internet.

Cadaveric Fumes

Cadaveric Fumes were an act (indeed ‘were’, for they did split up in the meantime, apparently, yet without inner fight or disdain) from the North-West of France (close to the Belgian border, in case of interest), being active for about a decade yet without any ‘huge’ mainstream representation whatsoever. This four-piece (with members who are active as well as Repugnizer) recently resigned to Swedish finest Blood Harvest Records in order to have their debut (and sole) full-length released.

She Spread Sorrow

I do not think I did review any former release by She Spread Sorrow; at least, I can’t find back any source. However, I do deeply appreciate the explicit material by Alice Kundalini, the ‘brain’ behind this intriguing project. Yet even-though I haven’t reviewed any former She Spread Sorrow recording yet apparently, it is never too late to show my appreciation and dedication. Ergo: here’s a review for this project’s latest release, called Huntress.

Grota Pramocy

A totally new entity from Polish soil came my way very recently. When I noticed that this release was a mutual effort of that new act in collaboration with Lower Silesian Stronghold, it did trigger my attention even more.


Being inspired by the combative spirit and the pristine wilderness of his homelands, being the region of Novosibirsk, Nikolay ‘SiN’ created an eighth full-length that goes on in the vein of the past. Active since 2005, Astarium did create an own approach of Atmospheric Ambient Black Metal; but I’ll go deeper into the matter immediately. First some details about this album’s administration.


Vampirska are a young yet mysterious entity from North-American soil, which I do appreciate a lot. Due to circumstances, however (and unfortunately), I did not have the time to write a review on this act’s (fabulous) stuff before. But hey, now I will inject my energy in a description of this project’s latest recording, which is called Vermilion Apparitions Frozen In Chimera Twilight.


Wroth Emitter Productions is a Russian label, founded by Alex ‘Curche’ Pyshkin, who is also active as lyricist / chanteur in the Doom-Death act Halter. It’s a small and modest label, despite a long time of existence / experience. Quality above quantity, you know. Anyway, a stunning release they are responsible for is We Were Always Alone, the debut of the Finnish-German duo Oakmord.


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