Metal Devastation PR


I didn’t know what this band – or rather one man project with some special guests - would sound like, the promo mentioned Gothic Metal/Rock.  But listening to this album was a very enjoying experience.


Another short one…

Country (for what it’s worth): U.S.A.

Members: Neal Rodriguez (vocals + guitars), Lara Daniel (drums), Yair Vero (guitars), Irving Masvidal (bass)

Production & engineering: Nick Nativo

Duration: 19:28

Genre: Thrash Metal

Introduction: Bloodrunner is a Thrash-act from Chicago (Illinois) that started almost two decades ago. After a demo and a first official album, things got silent for almost fifteen years. …until now…

Cosmic Jaguar

I wouldn’t define this Ukrainian band like just a side-project of Bestial Invasion, yet fact is that the (original) members are (were) involved with that well-known Sumy-based act (relocated to Zhytomyr in the meantime). The trio started under the Cosmic Jaguar moniker in 2022 and released their first full-length The Legacy Of The Aztecs in early 2023 via Thrash / Speed / Heavy / True Metal label Metal Warrior Records (also home to Bestial Invasion).

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