No Life Records

Error Gate

The Russian one-man army Error gate was founded by Rigor in 2010 as Eg, and that’s why the current name still gets spelled as Error gate and not Error Gate – I understand that might seem quite irrelevant, yet purists amongst us will surely appreciate this worthy information. Or not… The project does not stand for (excerpt from their own bio:) ‘just music; it is the concept of perception of the world, nature, thoughts and consciousness’.


Lauxnos are a new solo-outfit by Kirill ‘Katharos’ Andreevich, whom you might know as well from, for example, Emptiness Soul (a couple of months ago, and with sadness as result for undersigned, they announced to stop all activities under this name), The Happiness Cage, Hyperborean Frost or Epitaph Of Life.

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