Swiss act Exit was formed in 1995 by the Haller-brothers Martin and Stefan, Marcus Frei, Beni Sax and Thomas Kunz. In the earliest years, Exit did perform live a lot, but it took until 2001 before they finally released a first album (Bis Ans Ende Aller Tage); which, by the way, was received very positively in the Alpine countries.


Greek band Disharmony was originally formed in the capital city of Athens in 1997. They self-released two demos (Harmony Realms and When Purity Withers), but due to internal and personal issues, the band split up after the release of the second demo, in 2000.

Days Of Loss

Days Of Loss were formed about a decade and a half ago. During the first half of the first decade of this millennium (got it?), they self-released Lobotomy (2001) and Sleeping Gods Lie (2004) before fading into silence for a while.


This Milano based Italian Hard Rock/ Metal act was founded in 1998, and has the merit to still contain 3 of its original 4 band members in its line-up today, those being singer Andrea Uboldi, guitarist Matteo Serra and bassist Federico Gassa who, after two former try-outs, found their current drummer Gianluca Luci (formerly of Ahrcana and Prophecy) in 2006.

Fallen Arise

The idea for this Greek Symphonic Metal band was spawned in 2009, when guitarist Frangiskos and keyboardist Gus Dibelas (then already also in Power Metal act Secret Illusion, and since 2010 also active in Wolfcry) got together to write a couple of songs.


Like so many of us music lovers outside Greece, I first got acquainted with Thessaloniki based Groove/ Metalcore act Bewized through the Casket Music/ Copro Records release of their debut full-length The Scorch Of Rage, issued in late April 2011 (review posted around that date is still available in this website's “Archive” section for your factual needs), and promptly catapulted the album into my year-lists!


Sumosluts is yet another one of those Gerrman stoner rockbands that is neither great nor terrible. Sumosluts does very little in this 9 song album to convince anyone that they're going to be phenomenal in any regard. The songs lack a real dynamic push to really keep things moving along in a meaningful fashion.

Once I Saw A Ghost

Once I Saw A Ghost are a quintet (Jon McIntyre-v, Artur Schulz-b, Konstantin Schulz-g, Louis Teige-d, and Fabrizio Costantino-g) that debut with Architects Demise, a thirty six-minutes long player that follows up to 2010’s mini-album Beyond Good And Evil. With this album the band brings a mixture of Death Metal and Hardcore, coloured by elements of Metalcore, Grindcore, Thrash Metal and more of this sh*t. It’s technical for sure, but unfortunately it lacks of an own face.

Black Sound Empire

Black Sound Empire is a post metal band from Italy. Although they already started four years ago, in 2009, they've only just released their first full length record, called Sisma. During those four years, they focused on live performances, which stood 'in the way' of releasing a debut album. Sisma is that reward they truly deserve after all those years of hard work.

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