Positive Militia

Gold / Sado Rituals

Are you ready to praise the messiah and his holy father? Will you spread his word and hail his virgin mother? Are you prepared to meet Jesus of Yggdrasil?

Well, then this soundtrack might be your guide into the mental / mentally disordered dimension of sacrificial pleasure…

Colin Load

The label Abstract Trauma Recordings is quite a young one, inspired by the surreal and freakish sounds created by man(kind) (‘man’ is not always that ‘kind’, so I have an aversion to use the definition ‘mankind’) – or entities related to man(un)kind somehow.


Noise and power in a golden package, White Noise Fuck Chronicles is the newest effort by Leeds, UK, based one-man army Gold, a project by a crazy human being (at least I know he’s human), here known as D¥$FUNCTion.


I have never disliked the Noise scene, even though about half of the (sub) genres within this scene are incomprehensible to me. However, some I do like enormously. I am not going to sum up the ones I like or dislike, but I can honestly say that Gates Of Hypnos, one of the most open-minded and darkened labels nowadays (run by Sado Ritual’s Przemysław ‘Sadox’ Grochowski), did surprise me several times before.

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