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Sometimes it’s great to be a reviewer, and sometimes it’s rather a curse. Since I normally do stuff I might like (Black and Funeral Doom Metal, Industrial and Ambient, and some Thrash, Death, Grind, Sludge, Drone or Boogie Woogie [delete as appropriate]), I can often experience things that make me as horny as [self-censorship]. We at Concreteweb try to be as open-minded as possible. We have our specific specialities, and when something weird shows up, Tony often gets the honour to deepen into this stuff.

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

Since their last full length Mind control, Uncle acid have released number of singles, the last one is called “Runaway girls”  It’s not a coincidence that it’s  released only a couple of weeks away from th start of the band’s first proper US tour.  “Runaway girls” is yet another slab of 70’s psychedelic heaviness,  served in the recognizable sound of Uncle acid & the deadbeats.  The “b” side of this single is an acoustic version of “devil’s work” of which the original can be found on 2013 full length Mind Control

Death Penalty

It had been rumoured for a while , Gaz Jennings of Cathedral fame, hooked up with some members of Belgium’  doom cult heroes Serpentcult (singer Michelle Nocon and drummer Fredrik Cosemans) and an album was in the works….. A single released earlier this year already gave us an insight in things to come….

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