I recently posted a review for the debut of Swiss act Aspaarn, Ancestral Genocides. That album - and the same goes for both demonstrational mini-albums that have been released in the meantime - brings the bare essence of universal Black Metal in its purest form.


Edenkaiser are a pretty young band from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, formed at the very end of last decade by guitarist Häwkmoon. I only knew the band from their collaboration of the Vomitory tribute-album Rebirth Of The Grotesque, on which they appeared with the cover track Inferno.

Gut Scrapers

Gut Scrapers, a band that hails from Nimes, France. This five membered band delivers an energetic Rock'n roll that can best be compared to other bands such as: Ac/Dc, Aerosmith as well as artists such as Slash. These French rockers who are at it for some time do love to keep a low profile as the have a very limited English biography, but a very long French one.

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