Sure Shot Worx


Onheil are a Dutch formation that was formed at the end of last century. The demo-CDs Sterf (‘die’) (2000) and We Hebben De Hel Gezien (‘we’ve seen Hell’) (2002), as well as their first official release, the 2003-MCD The Threat (War Cry Productions), were received very positively in especially Belgium and The Netherlands.

Temple Of Baal

I never hided my appreciation for the French Black / Death Metal scene, and one of the (many) reasons is called Temple Of Baal. For more than a decade, they do please my aural organs with hateful and unholy blasphemy. And still via the excellent Agonia-label, the band (Amduscias, Arkdaemon and Skvm; in mean time joined by Cruxifiction’s Saroth) returns with the fourth full length, which lasts for about an hour.


Swedish outlet Facebreaker was formed at the very end of last millennium. A demonstrational and a promotional recording during the early 2000’s made the band draw attention of Rage Of Achilles, whom the band signed to shortly after. The band recorded a first full length, Bloodred Hell, but because of financial problems at the Rage Of Achilles headquarters, the promotion on that album unfortunately was far beneath acceptance (‘unfortunately’ because of the exceptional high quality).


The Obscurity Within… is the first full length by Dutch horde Entrapment. The band’s demos and 7”EP’s were sold out very quickly, but this debut will, of course, appear in a much larger edition.

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