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The German quintet Sacrificium (vocalist Claudio Enzler, guitar players Wolfgang Nillies and Matthias Brandt, bass player Thorsten Brandt, and drummer Mario Henning) exists for about two decades in mean time. The band recorded a couple of albums throughout the past years, and toured Europe alongside bands like Dismember, HateSphere, Unleashed, Fleshcrawl, Eluveitie etc.


Wow...wait a minute...yep, I guess this is the very first band from Indonesia (to be more specific, from the capitol city of Jakarta) which ever passed my hands for a review on this here website...and it turns out to be one of the hidden treasures in the Avant-Garde/ Experimental Extreme Metal genre, which makes this review a double hit in my books! Well, not really thàt hidden, because during its career the band already succeeded in making more than just a passing impression on the global music scene.

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