Album Title: 
Prey For Your Gods
Release Date: 
Friday, November 29, 2013
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The German quintet Sacrificium (vocalist Claudio Enzler, guitar players Wolfgang Nillies and Matthias Brandt, bass player Thorsten Brandt, and drummer Mario Henning) exists for about two decades in mean time. The band recorded a couple of albums throughout the past years, and toured Europe alongside bands like Dismember, HateSphere, Unleashed, Fleshcrawl, Eluveitie etc.

Once again via Whirlwind Records (cf. debut Cold Black Piece Of Flesh), this new full length album stands for forty seven minutes of fast and energetic, raging and pushing Black / Death Metal with a well-thought equilibrium melody – aggression.

The tracks are pretty varying, but somewhat comfy and light, despite the malignant sphere. ‘predictable’ would be little exaggerated, and uncivil, but Germany, Poland, Austria and some other countries are residence to comparable bands with comparable releases. …not always as fine for sure, but sometimes at least as interesting, or even more convincing too. Prey For Your Gods is a fine album to listen at, but since I have the honor to experience hundreds of albums each year (and I’m not kidding), I did enjoy several others more than this one, I have to admit. Advise: listening before buying / stealing.