Bud Metal Records


On July 20th 2014 Concreteweb updated the new Avitas-album Northern Ghosts. But since sole member Patrick Myrtroen, who also runs the Bud Metal Records-label, did send us the 2009-album Saga Of The Nationalist too, I will be that sweet to have this material reviewed too. You’re welcome…


Avitas are a project from the English-speaking part of Canada (British Columbia), formed by Patrick Myrtroen, who runs the label Bud Metal Records. All Avitas-recordings have been released via this label, and then we’re talking about three studio full lengths, an EP and a live-recording. The latest full length, by the way, called Saga Of The Nationalist, sort of gets re-issued, so I will have the kindness, once again, to review it in a very near future.


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