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Well, what a surprise. I didn’t see this coming… You know, I know Patrick Mytron as the (sympathetic) guy behind joyful projects like Avitas and Kabexnuv (for both of them, I did write some reviews in the past, so in case of interest, for really great yet raw and rough Black Metal, I invite you to check them out; just enter those monikers in the ‘Search’ tab to read my thoughts on those recordings).


One of the nicest guys I came in touch with in 2014 must be Canadian musician Myrtroen. ‘myrtroen’ is the Norse spelling of this guy’s great grandfather’s name when the latter moved over from Norway to North America (first the U.S., then Canada; Myrtroen still lives in Canada); we’re talking about more than a century ago – but this isn’t a etymologic essay, so let’s continue with the merits of the guy behind Avitas.


On December 27th 2015 I did upload a review on the latest Avitas-release, Freezing The Holy Land, one of the solo-outfits of Canadian artist Pat ‘Myrtroen’. I’d like to invite you to read that one concerning the past, present and future details on this guy’s efforts. And future, it means: Pioneers, the upcoming album, which will hit the face of the ignorant gods very soon! Stay focused, folks!


Hailing from the Canadian Western lands, Kelowna, British Columbia, Avitas are an Atheistic Libertarian Nationalistic and Anti-Abrahamic one-man army; not of the empty-headed racist kind, yet rather from a political-philosophical one.

Kabexnuv / Dol Guldur

When I noticed that Bud Metal were about to release a new album, I was extremely aroused, of course. I was (and still am) quite enthusiastic about Avitas, an outfit by label-owner Myrtroen, and since I found out that one of both projects appearing on this split-album would be another solo-outfit of this guy…


On July 20th 2014 Concreteweb updated the new Avitas-album Northern Ghosts. But since sole member Patrick Myrtroen, who also runs the Bud Metal Records-label, did send us the 2009-album Saga Of The Nationalist too, I will be that sweet to have this material reviewed too. You’re welcome…


Avitas are a project from the English-speaking part of Canada (British Columbia), formed by Patrick Myrtroen, who runs the label Bud Metal Records. All Avitas-recordings have been released via this label, and then we’re talking about three studio full lengths, an EP and a live-recording. The latest full length, by the way, called Saga Of The Nationalist, sort of gets re-issued, so I will have the kindness, once again, to review it in a very near future.

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