The Church Within Records

Serpent Venom

Of Things Seen & Unseen is the sophomore full length by UK-based Serpent Venom, after Carnal Altar. This new full album was recorded at the Skyhammer Studio in Autumn 2013 with nobody else but Chris Fielding at the helm - think Conan, Moss, The Wounded Kings, Ageless Oblivion or Electric Wizard, amongst tens of others.

Purple Hill Witch

The Norwegian trio Purple Hill Witch (Kristian-g, v; Andreas-b, and Øyvind-d) was formed in 2011, and their 7”EP Alchemy was received with open arms within the Doom-underground. They were recently signed by The Church Within Records, and they now release their self-titled debut full length, which lasts for forty seven minutes.


Doom Metal fans may have wondered what singer Eric Wagner has been up to, after his departure from Chicago's legendary Trouble (with whom he served from 1979 to 1986...when the band went on a hiatus, and then again from 1993 on)...well, we now find our answer with the release of this, Blackfinger's debut release!


Hum...not a lot of info on this band to be found on the Internet, and it's therefore a blessing that we still have the info sheet we got along with the promo copy of the album! So, with further ado, let's just “copy-paste” ( as if!) the info found there, with the sparse additions we díd find!


Seamount were formed about five years ago as a co-operative in between Germany and the U.S.aaj. In their short history, this band did perform on more than just a couple of great events, and they did release several albums, as from 2009 on their current label, The Church Within Records.

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