The Steve Morse Band

Currently, Steve Morse is perhaps best known as the guitarist of supergroup Deep Purple, the ranks of which he joined in 1994 (with contributions to 5 studio and 11 live albums as a result to date), but the man's curriculum vitae is slightly longer than that, both in the past and in contemporary days!

Deep Purple

In their "Official Deep Purple (Overseas) Live Series" (which is to comprehend 10 albums of historical milestones and rarities of the band (including bonus material and tons of rare pictures) (sic), were are hereby treated to a re-issue of the Deep Purple's concert at Stockholm's Konserthuset, on November 12th, 1970. Recorded back then for airing over the Swedish radio, the material was bootlegged in that mono version several times (on double LP) before an official release happened in 1988 under the title Scandinavian Nights.

The Resistance

The Resistance was formed in 2011 and are based in Gothenburg and Stockholm. A fairly young band of witch basically four guys who made up their mind and recorded the music they wanted play for a long time. It turned out to be a combination of good old violent Swedish Death Metal and the raw energy of hardcore that putted a certain smile on their faces. So it has a little Entombed vibe going on. But unfortunately this is a fairly young band so they haven't got a lot of info about them online.

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